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The human nervous system heals and learns through strength of stimulation and repetition. The X-trainer waveform acts by stimulating both the peripheral and central nervous systems.

The first phase of therapy involves finding the source of injury or weakness in the muscles. Injury occurs in a tissue when force is transmitted to an area of the body that is not prepared to absorb that force, which is because of the inability of the nervous system to control and co- ordinate the movement of the involved muscles. In many cases, the site of injury is away from the site of pain.

The stimulation allows the body to identify the injured tissues by locating exactly which muscles are allowing force into the joints and connective tissue and which ones are not. It then works on rapidly retraining the dormant or inhibited muscles to keep force out of the damaged joint. This dramatically reduces pain and prevents any further damage from occurring.

Once the pain is reduced, the next phase involves enhancing the healing processes by drawing large amounts of blood to the area. The additional blood flow gives the body its best opportunity to repair the damage that has occurred. It helps to break old compensation patterns and dramatically improve functional strength allowing muscles to move freely without pain.

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