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NeuroMe, as the name suggests, focuses on neuro and muscle strengthening, endurance and re-education. NeuroMe Medtech Pte Ltd, a company headquartered in Singapore, with distributors to cover the world., is the proud owner of a high performance electrical stimulation device, X- Trainer. NeuroMe’s innovative management carries over 100 years of experience in various technology and health-tech verticals.

X-Trainer is a brand focusing on accelerating recovery without taking any invasive drugs. Our Journey started in 2016 when a highly efficient complex bio waveform was tested on many trauma, injured and paralytic patients. The results were an eye opener that gave us the confidence to develop a device that can cure many neuro and muscular issues in a human body and along with that pro-actively endure the muscles that tend to be affected in future due to excessive usage while playing a particular sport. The machine also performs enhanced EMS functions and fastens muscle building like biceps, triceps, six packs for fitness enthusiasts.
The product has been a great success in the United States of America under a brand name called NeuBie. With over 100’s of units sold in USA this product has benefited 1000’s of chronic patients, sports celebrities, fitness freaks, 20+ fitness treatment customers. We are here to launch the product in rest of the world with a brand called X-Trainer that is safe, effective and adheres to FDA & CE compliances in neurology, sports and fitness. We are committed tom giving our customers the very best products in sports medicine, fitness and Rehabilitation.

We strive to be a global leader through our worldwide presence, by keeping our customers health and wellness at the forefront and making sure they are provided with the best product and technology.

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Headquarters in Singapore

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